Rocky Mountain Goat

This area has one of the highest Mountain Goat concentrations in the province. Strict harvest policies and miles of unhunted country provides hunters with an excellent opportunity at trophy billies. Goats in the 9 inch range should be expected, almost every year 10 inch Boone & Crockett Goat is taken. This hunt can be both physically and mentally challenging, being at your top physical condition will increase your chance of success. Most hunters (young and old) consider this hunt their most rewarding.

Don and Colin with GoatsKen with his great Oct goat

We start hunting in early September and run to the middle of October. Hunting can be done by locating goats from the pick-up or ATV and then stalking a chosen billy, this method reduces the amount of climbing, however, limits the hunter to those goats visible from a road. We also will climb the mountain to search for goats living in hidden pockets on the mountain, sometimes spending 1 or more nights in a spike camp. This method allows hunters to get into areas that are rarely hunted and are likely spots for BIG billies. We hunt out of the main lodge, small pup tent spike camps and back country horse camps. This hunting experience captures the true atmosphere of hunting the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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